Growing your business?

Marketing: Now that you are open, what are you doing to get your message out? What continuing research are you doing to keep you ahead of the competition?

Exporting: Do you have a product or service that can be exported? There are numerous resources to help you.

Funding: Your business is moving along and you are ready to grow, but need capital. Where do you find the needed capital? What options do you have?

Strategic Planning: Not sure where your company is headed? What is the best way to move forward? Every company, regardless of size, should be regularly looking strategically at their business. Where is your business, where do you want to be in two years, how is the industry and competition changing? Let the Roanoke SBDC assist you with Strategic Planning.

Selling to Government: Are you selling your services to local, state or the federal government? You may be missing out on a great growth opportunity.

Have you been in business for 2+ years and are looking to grow? GrowthWheel is a visual toolbox for decision making and action planning for startup and growth companies. Our Counselors are the only GrowthWheel Certified Counselors in the Roanoke Region.